Contemporary abstract painting


Contemporary abstract painting Painted for a private customer Geneva.

Contemporary abstract painting by Nadib Bandi.
The painting's over.

Abstract canvas commission

A painting commision, it's always a little anxiety when you're painter.
Often, we prefer to sell a canvas Already existing, it avoids to ask the famous question: Is he going to like it?

Being in the midst of the transition phase, I am afraid that this person who has been following me for a long time can expect something else.
At this level, my job is to make abstraction Of all these questions, in order to paint as freely as possible.

I have not really received any instructions, but rather some recommendations:

  • The colors: some blue and some purple.
  • As well as a picture of the wall of the room where the canvas will be hooked.

Creation process

So I start in creating the painting without any pressure.

I recently established new rules in my way of approaching abstract painting : paint less and think more...

First I'm going to create Background color : I leave on the basis of a very dark bluish violet, and I have to be careful to make a sufficient quantity so that I can overlap if necessary.

Once the bottom layers are well applied and dry I do as usual, ie Painting in Freestyle, spontaneously. This is how I forged this singular style that I want to keep.

So I start to apply the tone colors to tone, so you can then degrade them gradually from the dark to the clear.

Reflection about the painting

I absolutely want to keep the subject at the center of the canvas Because I often tend to get out of the frame. I recently realized that by keeping more background, it helped make the abstract structures and the composition more readable.

Second, i need to think about the right way to canaize this energy into a composition, and that's where it gets complicated...

I take picture of the canvas, then I experiment in Illustrator and in an intensive form of reflexion, I spend days laying down lines to finally remove them, then put them back together to start all over again.

When at last I think I have found the solution of the composition, I realize what has been validated previously.
If I had to count the time spent to paint and the time to think, I had to think the 95% of the time of the realization of this canvas.

I recently set new rules in my way of approaching painting: paint less and think more...

Contemporary abstract painting Nadib Bandi
The first step.

The small stress of the delivery of the painting

Then comes the fateful moment when the customer will discover its canvas.

I confess that I am a little stressed at the time of unpacking the canvas, but very quickly I am reassured: she seems very happy. I do not doubt the sincerity of the person, but I can understand that it is not necessarily obvious to buy an artwork blindly.

A few days later I received a very friendly message renewing the compliments on the canvas. I am aware that she also needed a little time to tame this new presence.

Nadib Bandi contemporary abstract painting hooked.
The canvas hooked in the living room of the client.

Contemporary abstract painting

With a little retrospect, I am quite satisfied with this contemporary abstract painting style, it's a lot closer to the futuristic abstract graffiti recently painted with Tacos.

I am also aware of recent developments in projects such as the mural fresco commissioned by the architects of Beric.

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Contemporary abstract painting

Commissioned canvas for a private client.
painting : acrylic paint and spray painton canvas, 80 cm X 120 cm X 2 cm.
2017, (Switzerland) .

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