Organic Graffiti Babs and Bandi


Organic Graffiti Painted in collaboration with Babs in Vitry-sur-Seine, as part of my trip to Paris for the 8th Avenue art fair. We meet this day to paint with Takt, Sueb, Cren, Akte, Honsar, Luiz, Babs and myself.

Organic Graffiti Babs UV TPK Nadib Bandi Vitry-sur-Seine
Wall painting fusion with Babs (UV TPK).

Organic Graffiti with Babs

Organic Graffiti

Abstract graffiti Collaboration.
graffiti : acrylic paint and spray paint on wall, 2 m X 17 m.
and 2016, , 1 Rue Louise Aglae Crette 94400 (France) .

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