Interior graffiti decoration with Gensler architecture


Graffiti interior decoration made for the architectural firm Gensler U.K and IDRoom In the headquarter of an American multinational based in Geneva.

Interior graffiti decoration in collaboration with Gensler architecture and IdRoom
Graffiti decoration project Indoors, Nadib Bandi 2017.

Interior decorating Video

Video scroll of the fresco.

Mandated by an architectural firm

It is at the beginning of the year 2017 that I am contacted by the London office of a large international architecture firm in order to propose a project of interior decoration for a gym in the headquarter of a multinational.

At first, being a little surprised I clearly stipulate that I don't really make decorating project, except in the case I have a total artistic freedom. What I especially want to avoid is having to do some optical illusion or illustrative commission.

I don't denigrate the Graffiti Style deco, but already, some do it much better than me, and moreover it does not amuse me at all. I don't really want to waste time and energy in it, and it's much more rewarding for me to continue to develop my style of abstract graffiti.

The project manager reassures me quickly on this aspect and therefore proposes me to provide some sketches, in order to allow the customer to make a choice. The also I specify the fact that I would propose only one composition with several choices of color ranges.

Indeed it is already quite laborious to make mockups of abstract painting, moreover I also specify that the model is more an intention, and that one should not expect a strictly identical result.

First mock graffiti Decoration
One of the first versions of the sketch.

Artistic constraints

there is, however, a constraint artistic aspect the identification of the sanitary man and woman which is located in the central recesses of the wall. Initially, it was Plexiglas panels that had to occupy these spaces. The architects therefore ask me to think on the integration of this type of mural. After several proposals we will keep the idea of two major stencils fully integrated into the painting. I prefer this idea, only by artistic coherence.

Once all the elements validated by the client comes the time of the realization, because it is rather urgent, the gym currently in work must be delivered in less than a month.

I don't denigrate the Graffiti Style deco, but already, some do it much better than me, and moreover it does not amuse me at all.

Abstract Graffiti Decoration sketch
The colors validated by the client.

Preparation of the fresco

The first constraint is the organisation of working time, indeed I will realize the decoration during the last days of the shipyard, and given that the deadlines are short, the workers are at work to finish quickly. So we decide that I would work at night so that we don't all walk on it. With the gases emitted by the spraypaints, all workers should work with a mask.

I also have to prepare some items in advance such as stencils of the signs. I spent more than two days preparing the two pieces of stencils that I should fix from the beginning of the construction site.

Interior Graffiti Decoration Gensler
The right part of the decoration.

Realization of interior graffiti decoration

Now it's the most interesting part that starts I'll spend three nights on the spot to fill this big wall. Paint indoors need a lot of protection, that's why we had spent the previous evening preparing the ground.

First night: Filling

The first night, I filled the maximum of masses at fatcap. The atmosphere in the construction site in the early morning is unlivable because of the gases sprayed during the night. But the most restrictive part is now behind me. The next night I will finally be able to have some fun.

Second night: Rendering

The second night on the spot I'm finally starting to get some effects. It is a painting more instinctive even if I look at the sketch from time to time. Indeed, nevertheless, I still think of the feeling of the client who validated the project. I struggle a little against this feeling to not lose in spontaneity. But I also know that the next day the architects has been moving from London to check the progress of the site. Whatever I say it puts a little pressure on me anyway.

Last night: the final

I arrives on the third night. The feedbacks of architects are very positive, apparently they love it and are happy with the performance. I also learn that they have to work with another graffiti artist in the past, and it was pretty bad. So now I'm on the freewheel and I'm having a blast to the maximum that the result of the fresco be on top.

It is 5 o'clock in the morning when the fateful moment comes to remove the stencils. I'd be fine staying a few more days on this project, but time is running out. First bad surprise the adhesive of the stencil tears a little from the bottom wall. These pretty unsightly holes will have to be chewed and then repainted.

I decide to pass the first layer of varnish. I have to wait at least two hours of drying before I apply the second layer. The second layer made I take off the protections, it's always a bit of a magic moment.

Before I go back to bed I take care to brief the painter on the defects left by the takeoff of stencils. There are also some finishes to be realized on the ceiling. So I should come back the next day.

Interior Graffiti Decoration
Graffiti decoration indoors, left side.

Ultimate Finishes

So I take one last evening for the final finishes:

  • Chewing and repainting the traces left by the stencil.
  • Cleanly finish the angles at the ceiling, especially in the recesses.

Fortunately I have the painting tips who are real pros to finish the job cleanly. The site will be delivered the next day to the customer, and on the site it is the effervescence. So I quickly release the places to leave the other makes their respective tasks.

I take a few more pictures, and I finally go home, well washed but satisfied.

Returns on this interior graffiti decoration

A few days later I would receive a very sympathetic message from architects of Gensler who seem very satisfied with the result. I also thank IdRoom my artistic agent who accompanied me throughout this project.

This project will bring me a few months later to work on other projects of graffiti decoration indoors with Bericarchitect's office based in Geneva.

For reasons of confidentiality I am forbidden to give the name of the final customer, all I can say is that it is a large american company based in Switzerland.

Graffiti interior decoration

Abstract Post-Graffiti.
painting : spray paint on wall, 3.50 m X 25 m.
2017, (Switzerland)
with with .

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