3D Graffiti sculpture for Geneva propaganda


Abstract graffiti sculpture in 3d built in the Great Hall of Halls of the foundry for the event Geneva propaganda at the end of the year 2016.

Abstract graffiti sculpture in 3d Geneva propaganda Nadib Bandi
Nadib Bandi Installation for Geneva propaganda

Graffiti sculpture

This is the third time I have been fortunate enough to be able to build a graffiti sculpture in this superb place of Halles de la Fonderie, this time I decide to occupy the glass wall, which allows me to use an immense space but also to leave the walls to the other artists.

My project is ambitious, I have to cover all the wall surface and I know that it will require a lot of materials, the time is not unlimited, so I have about four days before me to realize this sculpture.

Having not really had the opportunity to be able to timelapse during the cration of the installation, I rather filmed the destruction of the sculpture then reverse the video.

The materials of graffiti sculpture

The challenge is always to find the materials especially in this case I need large parts. On this one I'm really lucky, just in front there is a bike shop and next to it is a motorcycle shop that both possess immense Cartons. It's always a pleasure to make the local traders happy by getting rid of them.

So I'm starting to accumulate cardboard pieces on the ground to get an idea of the possibilities, then quickly I cover all the windows of the wall to make a structure base for the sculpture.

The city of Carouge has made available to us podiums in order to build a stage for the DJ, which gives me the idea of including him inside the 3d Installation.

Blank wall for sculpture
The virgin wall.

Sculpture construction process

For this installation I will proceed in several times, first of all I will sculpt the general form of the structure with the materials at my disposal. In a second time and starting from this base in volume I'm going to work the mockup on the computer. Once the mockup validated I would start the painting and then finish with the disposition of lighting.

Step 1: Sculpture of the volumes

Paradoxically this part is relatively fast, it implies above all an important technical aspect, in fact it is necessary that the basic elements are very well fixed because as the evolution of the sculpture they will have to bear increasingly important weights.

Volumes of graffiti sculpture
Step 1: The volumes are in place.

Step 2: Sketch of the graffiti sculpture

It becomes more complicated, it is a headache on the computer that starts, in general I take a picture of the piece then I test the overlay of masses in colors with illustrator. This step is very consuming, but the I have to quickly put myself in action so I gave myself one day to close the mockup of this sculpture.

Sketch of graffiti sculpture
The sculpture sketch.

Step 3: Painting the installation

Once the mockup more or less validated I can start to paintIs that point it becomes interesting and that the effect of anamorphosis can finally take body. This kind of sculpture requires a large amount of paintings in order to fill all the masses well. If only to add a layer of paint on all the cardoborads surfaces so that they do not pump too much the spray paint that will come over, so I use the paint gun to do that. I still have to go to the basics because the time is counted so I spend the last 2 days to paint the sculpture.

Step 4: Lighting the sculpture

Lighting is an important step in the end of creating the effect anamorphosis so I take advantage of the last day before the opening to do this quietly. I already imagine the DJ inside this space look like a kind of abstract spacecraft.

Dj Slat in the cabin
Dj Slat mixing in the installation.

In conclusion

To finish I am rather satisfied with the sculpture, this is one of the biggest I have been able to achieve so far. I'm already thinking about the next 3d graffiti installation that I have to realize at Liège Belgium the following week.

Abstract graffiti sculpture in 3d Geneva propaganda Nadib Bandi
Graffiti sculpture

Graffiti sculpture

Graffiti Sculpture in 3d.
sculpture : acrylic paint, spray paint, Cartons and Recovery materials on wall and cardboard, 6 m X 15 m X 3 m.
2017, , Av. Cardinal Mermillod 17 1227 , GE (Switzerland)
with .

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