Abstract futuristic Graffiti – Tacos, Bandi


Futuristic abstract graffiti Painted in collaboration with Tacos in the Joliot-Curie district in Vitry-sur-Seine in May of 2017.

Futuristic abstract graffiti Bandi Tacos Vitry graffiti 2017
Tacos and Bandi, abstract futuristic graffiti.

Futuristic Graffiti

Once again in the Parisian suburb, we take advantage of the opportunity to meet Vitry-Sur-Seine with Tacos In order to paint a wall together.

The founding idea of this fresco is to mix homogeneously over the entire wall rather than to paint each one of its own side. Tacos is the ideal sidekick to develop this kind of concept, so we will be able to check whether our two styles are able to create an interesting fusion.

In a full day we painted the wall , even if some areas remain a bit cluttered, the whole is rather coherent. At my level I still regret my lack of synthetism. I still have trouble channeling this pictorial spirit without destroying it, it is the whole challenge for the next paintings.

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Abstract futuristic Graffiti Tacos and Bandi Vitry-sur-Seine
Tacos and Bandi.

Futuristic abstract graffiti

Graffuturism experimentation.
graffiti : spray paint on wall, 2 m X 10 m.
and 2017, , Passage Irene-et-Frédéric Joliot-Curie 94400 (France)
with .

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