Biography Nadib Bandi Abstract graffiti Geneva◀ ︎
Biography Nadib Bandi Abstract graffiti Geneva▶ ︎

Nadid Bandi Biography

Biography : French artist from the graffiti, Bandi Describes his work as "Abstract Constructivist Graffiti" or "Post-Graffiti movement».

Like many of his colleagues, he started with tag in the street, before reaching a certain artistic level in his installationspaintingsfrescoesdrawings and prints. His inexhaustible passion and creativity made him one of the most fertile artists of his generation.

Biography Nadib Bandi old graffiti Bordeaux
Bandi (1996) – Bordeaux

Graffiti and the first influences

Nadib Bandi was born in 1980 in France, in the border region of Geneva.

From childhood, he shows talent for the drawing and a strong interest in the history and practice of visual arts. He made his first experiences related to the graffiti in the middle of the 90's considered as the golden age of Hip Hop culture in France.

In this context, the european scene ofGraffiti represented a particularly fertile ground for young urban artists and the creations of the time ("old school") guided the first steps of Bandi in his practice.

At the same time, the 90's were marked by the arrival of magazines that contributed to the renewal and development of the movement. It was at this point that the artist moved to Paris where he used different tags to report his productions before finally choosing the name of Bandi.

Life in Paris the end of the years 90 was both chaotic and extremely stimulating, the spraycans were no longer just a means of expression, they had become a real way of life.

The first experiences of Bandi in the field of Graffiti were carried out in the mid-90 years, during the Golden Age of Hip Hop culture in France.

Bandi Lettering (2005) – Geneva

The imprint of abstract painting

In 2000, Bandi settles in Marseille where he began a new series of works inspired by the urban architecture and rails. He is also interested in abstract painting, especially in the movement of theLyrical Abstraction.

It is in Marseille that the artist engages in pictorial research which he permeates his practice of Graffiti. Travelling frequently between Marseille, Geneva and Barcelona, he deploys an extraordinarily prolific talent, capable of transforming colours, shapes and ideas into a splendidly monumental work.

After returning to his native region, settled in Geneva, his work is growing thanks to the unique style he has developed and developed.

Since 2012, Bandi has participated in many exhibitions and graffiti festivals throughout the world, including 3-dimensional Graffiti installations who are opening a new path in his work.

Canvas 517.1 Nadib Bandi
Canvas 517.1 painting 200x140cm, Nadib Bandi.

Global diffusion

Since 2005, Bandi presents his paintings and installations on the international scene in Europe, MexicoUSA, India, but also to the Middle East and in Africa. This global success is a form of recognition of the singular art of Bandi That synthesizes the original mindset of the Graffiti in a pictorial approach always personal.

Nadib Bandi Abstract Graffiti Installation made at in Zurich
3d Graffiti Installation at the Street-art-Limited gallery (Zurich)


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