Graffiti Installation at the Francis Noël Gallery


3d Graffiti Installation built out as part of the exhibition Contemporary Urban Duo of Nadib Bandi and Cren at the Francis Noël Gallery of Liège in Belgium.

Nadib Bandi Installation Graffiti sculpture
View of the Installation built in the Francis Noël gallery.

Graffiti installation

A few days after finishing in Switzerland a graffiti sculpture among the biggest I've ever had to realize, I'm recovering this time to Liège Belgium for the preparation of the duo exhibition with Cren who must open a few days later.

The timing is very tight I only have two days to realize the installation not to mention the time that I will lose to collect the necessary material. I also have to pay attention to the protection because the gallery is brand new.

Installation Graffiti Nadib Bandi Francis Noel Liege
Another view of the sculpture.

Creating the Installation

Once the material is collected I begin the work of sculpture by positioning the cardboards to create the overall composition of the the graffiti Installation. I proceed in the same way as to paint a wall, the big advantages compared to the painting that I can move the volumes as I wante until it is satisfactory.

Once the elements of the sculpture up I can start setting up painting, time being counted I skip the step of painting cardboards with a sub-layer of painting. I place canvases on the wall to include them inside the installation. I decided to use a color range mostly made up of browns and pinks that I like to call " Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate", with a touch of turquoise (Pistachio), I love it... it's like ice creams;).

Being inside I mainly use water-based cans from Montana.

Installation Graffiti Nadib Bandi Liege
3d Graffiti Installation at the Francis Noël Gallery.

Final rendering of the graffiti installation

Once the protections removed I am quite satisfied with the result, the good surprise comes from the reflection effect of the installation on the floor of the gallery. So I just have to add the lights to put the finishing touches. I then leave room for the cleaning crew, the job is done everything is ready for the vernissage the next day. I still have a few paintings to tweak, but this is another story...

3d Graffiti Installation

Contemporary Sculpture.
sculpture : acrylic paint and spray paint on wall and cardboard, 2 m X 5 m X 1.50 m.
2016, , 75 Rue du Plan Incliné 4000 (Belgium) .

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