Contemporary urban art canvas


This canvas ofcontemporary urban art is derived from the will to start from a figurative basis and then to suggest the subject by a treatment of the masses and colors more abstract.

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Contemporary urban art Canvas by Nadib Bandi
Contemporary urban art canvas.

Contemporary urban Art: from figuration to abstraction

In the realization of this canvas, I inaugurated a new creative process announcing the beginning of a series of paintings. Indeed, it is starting from a figurative basis from my observation drawings, And then the destructured, which I aspire to make the subject more suggestive.

In order to make the understanding of this working environment more evident, I realized a video in timelapse in order to trace all the stages of the realization of the canvas.

Painting Techniques

As you can see in the video, I first reproduced the drawing basic. Then I filled the main masses to the acrylic paint, to finally use the spraycan in order to draw the lines.

This is, in my view, the last step that makes the final appearance much more dynamic. I also like to use elements of graffiti such as the tags, in order to texture certain areas of the canvas.

Nadib Bandi painting presentation
Preparation of the exhibition.


This canvas was exposed in preview for Lausanne Art Fair, then at theCren & Bandi Exhibition.

Interested in this artwork?

Contemporary urban art canvas

painting : acrylic paint and spray paint on canvas, 75 cm X 120 cm X 4 cm.
2017, , 18 Sérurier Boulevard 75019 (France)
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