Voodoo Post Graffiti, SMI and Bandi


Voodoo Post-Graffiti, in collaboration with SMI in Vitry-sur-Seine.

Voodoo Post Graffiti - Bandi and SMI in Vitry-sur-Seine 2017.
SMI, Bandi: Voodoo Post Graffiti.

Reunion on Graffiti background

I meet my friend SMI installed in Paris he's one of the major activists in the movement Graffiti west African. We met in Senegal in 2013 during the fourth edition of the Festigraff.

And since we connect regularly whether it is in Africa or in Europe. He is also the organizer of the Regraff Festival in Cotonou in Benin.

So we meet at the Gare de Lyon where I get off my train directly from Geneva. A small detour by All-City to get some spraypaints and we go straight towards Vitry-sur-Seine to paint a wall.

The spot

I have an appointment with Klif from " Vitry Art 2 Rue "and his buddy Lolo in one of the spots where often painted Brok. He is by the way finishing a piece on the spot and proposes to cover one of the walls he had painted there some time ago with " Berthet One« .

It is in the sports field of one of the many blocks of Vitry. Just time to go eat a sandwich and think a little bit about what we're going to paint, and we get to it.

Voodoo Abstract Graffiti Detail Bandi SMI

Voodoo Post-Graffiti

SMI who has just moved from Cotonou in Paris wants to paint a character from the Voodoo religion. Indeed, the Benin is one of the cradles of the Voodoo tradition.

So we decide to place the character in the middle, and for my part I will try to paint around this face with abstract patterns symbolizing the magic aspect of this ritual.

It's already late, but on my side I already have a lot fill the wall. SMI he started his character but he's not really satisfied, as for me I am also a bit tired of the trip. So we decide to stop there for today and come back tomorrow soon enough.

Voodoo Post Graffiti, Bandi and SMI in Vitry-sur-Seine
SMI in action

Second day of painting

We arrive on the spot the next day at the end of the morning, in better condition. For my part, I continue there where I had stopped, while SMI start all over with his character. Indeed, the rendering of the portrait is much better realized.

We finally decided to put the face inside a large white Circle in order to add even a more mystical dimension to the wall.

Bandi Abstract Graffiti and SMI Voodoo graffiti
Voodoo Graffiti, SMI and Bandi.

Voodoo Post-Graffiti

Mural in collaboration.
graffiti : spray paint on wall, 3 m X 6 m.
and 2017, , Passage Irene-et-Frédéric Joliot-Curie 94400 (France)
with .

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