Abstract Graffiti painting in Paris


Abstract graffiti Fresco made at Paris in collaboration with Lokiss, Pest, Lazoo and Neok For the Association Hip Hop Citizens in the context of the Rendez-vous Hip Hop toespace périphérique of La Villette.

Abstract Graffiti fresco at La Villlette Lazoo Pest Neok Bandi Lokiss
The fresco on the abstract graffiti theme.

The theme of abstract graffiti

It all starts in March 2017 when Lazoo tells me about this project for the Rendez-vous Hip Hop Festival to be held in the spring Paris. Indeed "It is good that you are there," he told me, the subject of the wall is the abstract graffiti. Indeed, it is a subject or I am rather comfortable.

It's always Lazoo who deals with the lineup, and I must admit that it is one of the most improbable lineups that is, and that is what is cool... The team will therefore compose Lazoo, Neok, Pest, Lokiss and myself.

Lokiss: One of the forerunners of abstract graffiti in Europe

I'm very curious to meet Lokiss Who is one of the European founding fathers of the current abstract graffiti In which I think I situate myself. He has inevitably had A fundamental influence For many of us. And I'm not disappointed because it's a colorful guy, even if he doesn't like to use too much;).

He paint on the second wall, a little aloof because he fears a bit of having to collaborate with other writters. Given its level of requirement artistic aspect and his experience I conceive it perfectly, but in the end, we will see that he can not refrain from coming to participate on the great fresco. Certainly his intervention will be minimal, but as we say: "It is the intention that counts."

Rendez-Vous Hip Hop flyer
Flyer for the Event Rendez-Vous Hip Hop

The project for the fresco

The size of the wall is quite gigantic, more than thirty meters in length, by eight in height. Talking at the studio with Lazoo, Pest and Neok, we are asking questions about how we can work together.

I am talking about the principle of artistic director often applied to this type of project with my acolytes in Switzerland. It is defined in turn who leads the project, and the others must follow the guidelines enacted. Obviously you have to be accompanied by cool people and not too obtuse. But also, that the " artistic director has a minimum of flexibility so that everyone can find their own way.

Lazoo believes that this is a good concept and calls me to my surprise " artistic director " of the wall. There are times i'd better shut my mouth...

The size of the wall is quite gigantic, more than thirty meters in length, by eight in height.

Pre-project for abstract graffiti at La Villette
Pre-project for the fresco.

Mockup for an abstract painting

So it is to me that the task of the initial impulse returns. In my way of working, the abstract painting rarely requires the preparation of too-accomplished sketchs. But, considering the dimensions of the wall and the supplies controls to be carried out. It will at least define the outline.

So I'm preparing a composition consisting of large colored masses, or each of us will have to find a way to integrate.

Detail of the abstract graffiti fresco.
Detail of the abstract graffiti fresco.

Realization of the abstract graffiti fresco

No more arguing, so it's time to start the painting. I confess that I do a little ' my artistic director« . Indeed I arrive once all the colored masses have been placed with the paint gun. More seriously I had a opening in Lausanne the previous evening, so I could not do better.

I am curious to know how we will each succeed in combining with each other.

Another detail of the abstract graffiti fresco.
Another detail of the abstract graffiti fresco.


I wonder how Lazoo will be able to treat the theme of abstract, he who usually paints rather characters. He decided to make a suggested lettering in the transparencies of the abstract pattern in the background, and it works pretty well. It will also include color strips in circles previously drawn by Neok.


As for Pest he will write huge camouflaged letters in the composition of wall. It is far from obvious to keep flow over such long distances. But the still he comes out admirably.


Neok adds circular structures of different sizes in the abstract composition. It's technically super sweeping, and it really brings an extra dimension to my structures which are rather linear. He, like me, are quite sensitive to vertigo, but especially to the lack of confidence in scaffolding. Which will involve pretty funny situations.


At my level, I am certainly the one who takes the least risk. I do, what I usually do: from abstract graffiti to my gravy.


Lokiss, he works on his wall, but once his piece is finished, he will integrate the letter "S" on the left side of the wall.

The wall of Lokiss.
The wall of Lokiss.


It took us a big week of work to finish this abstract fresco. Then a few more days to finish the little walls around. With Neok We will even have the honor of coming to meet Lokiss on the right hand side of his wall.

Thanks to Lazoo For the invitation, as well as all the artists for the good times past. Volunteers as well as the entire team of The Hip Hop Citizens Association for their job.

The fresco finished.
The fresco finished.

Abstract Graffiti Fresco

Wall painting.
graffiti : acrylic paint and spray paint on wall, 8 m X 32 m.
, , , and 2017, , 2 Rue de la Clôture 75019 (France)
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